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Hello my dear readers!

Since I'm still in school and the exam season is upon me and probably on most of you as well, I'm sure that us, students,  are on a lot of pressure and stress these days. And, for instance, let's take out the exam season out of the equation, grown-ups can experience a high level of stress at work just like students do. Every magazine article tells us that stress is extremely bad for our mental and physical health and that it's crucial to manage it. So I started to wonder, what are the best ways to de-stress?

1. Read a book or flip through a magazine with a warm cup of green tea. I'm sure you all know by now that green tea is highly beneficial for your health. It contains caffeine which together with an amino acid L-theanine can improve brain function leaning to the management of relaxation. Not to mention that it also flushes all the toxins out of your body. So overall, your body will be thankful for that cup of green tea. Reading books or magazines really helps to distract your mind from stressful situations focusing on the content of the pages. 

2. Going for a walk in the park or driving to the beach. This method is by far my favourite out of them all. Not necessarily taking a walk in the park, but taking a stroll down the beach. I'm lucky enough to have the coast within just a few kilometers. The sound of sea waves is proven to be one of the most calming sounds out there. However, if you don't have the beach anywhere near you, the park works wonders as well. Nature is known for relaxing our minds and providing the freshest air. A few minute walk in the forest or in the park truly relaxes your mind, especially if you take deep breaths along. No wonder that all the old literature books revolve around the human bond with the nature. 

3. Take a shower or a bath. Nothing sounds more relaxing that a bubble bath, sadly, I don't own a bath so I have to satisfy with the shower. Something about the warm water gives us the calm feeling, whether you're bubbling in it or it's running down your body. Warm water also opens up your pores making it easier to cleanse the face,  so it's definitely a win-win situation. 
 Along with warm water, pleasing scents in the body moisturizers or oils equally help us to de-stress. That's why I love the AVON Planet Spa line with gold and oud scent filled body moisturizer and oil. Not only it leaves the magnificent scent afterwards, but your skin feels amazingly soft and shinning because of the small gold reflexes in the products. 
Fresh scent enriched fragrances also give us the satisfying feeling and that really distracts the mind from all the stress and you may be dealing with. However, different scents work for different people. Here I have the AVON Life perfume that is enriched with floral-wood notes of  lilies, pansies, irises. If floral scents do well for you, check out other fragrances from AVON HERE.

4. Meditation. Even though I'm still new at meditation, I'm enjoying it very well. There are various kinds of meditation apps or Youtube videos that are great for those 5-10 minutes of relaxation. Meditation came from the East and those cultures are known for their unique ways of increasing inner peace. Meditation truly helps to release all the negative energy that may be pilled up from the stress, it helps to manage that stress as well. If you ever thought of giving meditation a go, I highly recommend and even encourage you to do. 

5. Essential oils. I have been a fan of essential oils for quite some times now, but my favourite ones are tea tree and lavender. Not only these two smell phenomenal and help relieve stress, they're also very beneficial for healing the face skin due to the antibacterial feature. 
I enjoy using an oil diffuzer, sadly, this yellow one doesn't really fit into the aesthetics of my room design but I adore it anyway. I just mix these two oils together in a little bit of water and pour it on top. I light up the candle underneath and within minutes, my room smells incredibly calm.

I hope these 5 ways really help you to relieve the unwanted stress from your mind, leaving it clean and calm as it should be. Mental health needs to be taken care with love, sensitivity and respect. 

All the love in the world,

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  1. I remember exam time at college, it was very stressful! These are great tips to help calm frazzled nerves.

  2. at times we get involved in too much so what's left is to unwind and feel refreshed again. I normally take long walks to new places on adventure trails which also sparks my imagination and also, reading a fancy magazine or novel while sipping a hot cup of tea are my other options.

  3. Fabulous tips to relax. Each person should take a little time to pamper themselves.

  4. I'll have to try these out. I tend to read a book when I'm stressed since I love to read. I also stuff my face with chocolate.

  5. These are some great ideas on de-stressing it is something we all need to think about doing from time to time, I used to love a good bath, but these days it has to be a book and a face mask.

  6. Fabulous tips to relax. I'll have to try these out. , I used to love a good bath, but these days it has to be a book and a face mask.

  7. I like to learn about new ways to de-stress, because life will do it. Thank you so much for sharing the methods that you have had success ion utilizing :)

  8. l am always looking for ways to de-stress. You have some excellent ones here.

  9. Love your ideas! A bubble bath always works wonders for me.