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Hello, my Dear Readers!

I am finally back with another fashion post and it's time for some simple yet fabulous outfits. If you've read my previous post, then you know that I moved to the United Kingdom, so the scenery is different from my usual backgrounds and I didn't have my photographer (aka my friend with a good camera), but despite that, the photos turned out great and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed shooting them.

FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk were kind enough to reach out to me and send me some gorgeous dresses to style for you guys and I'm super stoked about it! (Seeing as though that I was eyeing some dresses for quite some time now, shhh..). I'll link every dress so it's easy for you guys to find them online and access them. 

I styled four outfits around four lovely dresses that I received in the mail. Some of them can be worn throughout the seasons, some of them may be functional only in the summertime. However, knowing me, I made my way around the cold weather and I still rocked these sleeveless garments out there in the streets of Nottingham.  

Don't know about you, but this outfit just screams PARIS to me and I bet that it's because I threw on a beret. But other than that, this long and sleeveless yellow dress is gorgeous in every way! The quality is truly nice, the material is stretchy and easy to get in and out of, and it hugs the body in all the right places. Hell, I didn't even know my hips were that wide until I tried on the yellow garment. 
This is the one that would work wonders in the summertime for an afternoon cocktail on the roof garden or for an easy piece to throw on for the beach day. BUT, since it's fall and the temperatures are dropping lower and lower, I styled this dress with a black turtle neck underneath and chunky boots that are basically glued to my feet (I adore them that much!). For an extra warmth, and glam, I threw on a simple beret that tied the whole look together. 

Knowing that animal print is huge at this moment, especially tiger or leopard, I decided to try it out myself with this long-sleeved mini bodycon dress with a higher neckline. It truly is the clubbing type of dress because of its' length, velvety and a bit shiny material. 
Since it was daytime outside, I cover up the length of the dress by throwing on a black coat (and it kept me warm so that's always a bonus), to accentuate the lost figure, I added a wide belt. And to bring back the sassiness of the dress, I finished off the look with some knee-high boots. 

Another one of these summertime dresses for sure. The material is super stretchy and lovely on the body, however, it is a bit see-through, so I would advise wearing a nude bra, depending on the colour of your dress, because FemmeLux has a selection of 5 different colours (darker ones might not be that see-through).
It is a sleeveless dress with a split on the side so to make the outfit 'autumn/winter appropriate', I threw on my beloved brown coat and the same black booties that I showed you earlier. 

This is probably my favourite dress out of them all! Yes, it is a bit short, but with an oversized jacket or even a coat, this little number looks fabulous. The material is made to look like one of those knitted dresses, but it's more stretchy and loose, not so thick. However, it's a turtle-neck dress with long sleeves, so I have to say that it is definitely the warmest piece.
I chose this to be an easy look with an oversized black jacket and some white trainers. Honestly, this dress is very versatile - it can work wonders with a pair of heels or knee-high boots + accessories AND it can look super casual, yet chic with sneakers. 

Femme Luxe definitely has an amazing selection of dresses, all the way from casual and plain to going out in sequins and prints. And on top of that, they're not expensive at all! Since I'm a university student, I need to watch out with my shopping and online stores like these are lifesavers. 

All the love in the world,
Karolina x 


CHANGE. Whenever we hear this word, we immediately start to stress and overthink. And these feelings are completely normal to every single human being on this planet. It's okay to be afraid of the future and of what it holds for you. Not knowing where life may take you is, of course, terrifying to a lot of us. But that fear, however, brings the excitement to ones heart that one cannot even explain. And that is exactly what keeps our existence interesting, appealing, beautiful, breathtaking.. 

I don't let the fear get to me and neither should you, if you are starting something important in your life. 

For over 19 years I've been living under my parent's roof and I was lucky enough not to worry about bills, food and survival and words can't even explain how thankful I am to my family for that. Nevertheless, it's time to move on. In a few weeks I will be hoping on a plane and leaving my home country to pursue my career dreams and to study at a university. The majority of people my age experience this new chapter of their lives, but not a lot of them leave everything behind, including their country. 
My brain knows how hard and difficult it will be to built my social life in an entire different area, but my heart says "Go for it my dear!"; "Live your life!"; "Experience the beauty of human existence!". And now you can clearly see that I am an optimist at all costs. 

On another note, together with my home country, I am also leaving my dearest friends and other loved ones that I sure will miss. Everyone that came to my life has left an impact on it that I can only thank for. No matter if they are reading this blog post or no, I still wish them all the best out of life in case we never get together again. Leaving all those people may be one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I know that this is not the end. Life will put everything into places and we will meet again, my love..
(Hell, this may be the most emotional post I've ever written and published)

If will have any upcoming questions about my major or university, feel free to ask me via email, Instagram (if you're not following there, then you definitely should, hahh) or leave those questions in the comment section.

With all the love in the world,
Karolina x


Hello my Dears!

May I just say, that it warms my heart knowing that 80s and 90s style is among us for a few years now and me, being the absolute fan of the mentioned eras, I do hope that this perspective will stay for as long as we, the people, desire. 

 There's no secret that fishnet tights can have a very edgy and grungy look, but when paired together with ripped jeans and a white blouse, it suddenly gives the entire outfit a whole new palette. That is exactly what I did for this look. The trend where fishnets hide underneath ripped jeans is a long loved favourite of mine, especially with a chic blouse like the one that I found at my local thrift store (this piece has such a good quality material that you wouldn't even guess that it's from a second hand store). 
I truly adore how white gives an element of innosence while black incorporates back the edginess and secresity back to the outfit. All black&white outfits breathe with elegance and a dash of daring to me. 

Blouse : Thrifted
Jeans : Stradivarius (just a simple black jeans that I ripped myself)
Fishnet tights : I got mine from Aliexpress.com but you can find them everywhere
Handbag : MANGO (last season, but they have a lot of nice other ones to choose from)


Hello my dear readers!

Since I'm still in school and the exam season is upon me and probably on most of you as well, I'm sure that us, students,  are on a lot of pressure and stress these days. And, for instance, let's take out the exam season out of the equation, grown-ups can experience a high level of stress at work just like students do. Every magazine article tells us that stress is extremely bad for our mental and physical health and that it's crucial to manage it. So I started to wonder, what are the best ways to de-stress?

1. Read a book or flip through a magazine with a warm cup of green tea. I'm sure you all know by now that green tea is highly beneficial for your health. It contains caffeine which together with an amino acid L-theanine can improve brain function leaning to the management of relaxation. Not to mention that it also flushes all the toxins out of your body. So overall, your body will be thankful for that cup of green tea. Reading books or magazines really helps to distract your mind from stressful situations focusing on the content of the pages. 

2. Going for a walk in the park or driving to the beach. This method is by far my favourite out of them all. Not necessarily taking a walk in the park, but taking a stroll down the beach. I'm lucky enough to have the coast within just a few kilometers. The sound of sea waves is proven to be one of the most calming sounds out there. However, if you don't have the beach anywhere near you, the park works wonders as well. Nature is known for relaxing our minds and providing the freshest air. A few minute walk in the forest or in the park truly relaxes your mind, especially if you take deep breaths along. No wonder that all the old literature books revolve around the human bond with the nature. 

3. Take a shower or a bath. Nothing sounds more relaxing that a bubble bath, sadly, I don't own a bath so I have to satisfy with the shower. Something about the warm water gives us the calm feeling, whether you're bubbling in it or it's running down your body. Warm water also opens up your pores making it easier to cleanse the face,  so it's definitely a win-win situation. 
 Along with warm water, pleasing scents in the body moisturizers or oils equally help us to de-stress. That's why I love the AVON Planet Spa line with gold and oud scent filled body moisturizer and oil. Not only it leaves the magnificent scent afterwards, but your skin feels amazingly soft and shinning because of the small gold reflexes in the products. 
Fresh scent enriched fragrances also give us the satisfying feeling and that really distracts the mind from all the stress and you may be dealing with. However, different scents work for different people. Here I have the AVON Life perfume that is enriched with floral-wood notes of  lilies, pansies, irises. If floral scents do well for you, check out other fragrances from AVON HERE.

4. Meditation. Even though I'm still new at meditation, I'm enjoying it very well. There are various kinds of meditation apps or Youtube videos that are great for those 5-10 minutes of relaxation. Meditation came from the East and those cultures are known for their unique ways of increasing inner peace. Meditation truly helps to release all the negative energy that may be pilled up from the stress, it helps to manage that stress as well. If you ever thought of giving meditation a go, I highly recommend and even encourage you to do. 

5. Essential oils. I have been a fan of essential oils for quite some times now, but my favourite ones are tea tree and lavender. Not only these two smell phenomenal and help relieve stress, they're also very beneficial for healing the face skin due to the antibacterial feature. 
I enjoy using an oil diffuzer, sadly, this yellow one doesn't really fit into the aesthetics of my room design but I adore it anyway. I just mix these two oils together in a little bit of water and pour it on top. I light up the candle underneath and within minutes, my room smells incredibly calm.

I hope these 5 ways really help you to relieve the unwanted stress from your mind, leaving it clean and calm as it should be. Mental health needs to be taken care with love, sensitivity and respect. 

All the love in the world,


Hello my Dears!

Have you ever heard of a brand called AVON? If you haven't and you want to try out some affordable and fabulous products then you may want to read this post from head to toe. 

Well, since I have heard about AVON before, let me tell you that I absolutely adore this brand! They have some truly great and non-expensive products in their book. Speaking of book, this months AVON catalogue in Lithuania is out now : MARCH.  
( For all my foreign readers, check out the international site : AVON.COM )

Here are some of my favourite products from this months catalogue!

I have been meaning to get a new fragrance for spring and this new line from EVE (in partnership with Eva Mendes) have the loveliest floral&sweet scents.  They have two scents : EVE ALLURING and this one EVE CONFIDENCE. If you can't decide which one to get, they even have a bottle that includes both of them! 
Now I'm not usually a fan of sweet&floral scents in fragrances, but I do admire this one. Is it sweet?Yes, but nothing too over the top. 

I already own the AVON Planet Spa deeply restoring body moisturiser with Maroccan Argan oil that I got for Christmas and I love it very much. But this firming body cream with Colombian coffee extract also has a truly lovely scent.  

At the moment I'm really into facial oils so this one from AVON True NutraEffects is really amazing. Smells nice, moisturisers my face very well and has a simple yet aesthetically pleasing packaging.
This Rhassoul clay face mask with Maroccan Argan oil from AVON Planet Spa also looks great and interesting. I still haven't had the chance to try this one out, but I'll let you know if this makes to my favourites list!

Recently, I have also been into eye creams, so this lifting and firming eye&eyelid gel from AVON Anew perfectly fits into my bathroom shelf. 

Now let's talk about the HOT NEW PRODUCT! The True Ultra Volume lash magnifying mascara is probably my favourite one that I own so far actually. The brush itself is not the smallest one, but I do like it, because it grabs every single lash and lengthens them.

Along with the mascara, this plumping lip gloss from AVON Mark. in pink pout is one of my favourites this month! It also has a minty scent which I absolutely adore.
If you're searching for a good and pigmented small eyeshadow palette with a lot of shades to choose from, check out these ones from AVON True. I already own the ones in Au Naturale and Smoky Plums and here I have Mocha Latte. 

These matte lipsticks from AVON True Colour are also amazing! They're truly pigmented, the colour selection is amazing, they're don't feel dry on the lips and they glide on super smoothly.

That's it! Now I'm not sure, that the same items go for the international AVON store, but the ones that are mentioned in this post are definitely available in Lithuania. 
If you are reading this from other countries and you can't find the products from this post on avon.com then don't worry, you can still find some great deals and other amazing products on there!

The March catalogue (03 01 - 03 21) is already out so check it out and maybe you'll find something else you like besides my mentioned items HERE.

All the Love in the World and Happy International Women's Month!
Let me know how did you celebrate your day ladies!