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Hello my Loves!

Off the shoulder blouse trend has been huge this summer and I, being the fashion lover that I am, decided to jump on this train among other fashionistas. 
Ever since women started to rock these kind of tops, I've been on the hunt for the perfect off the shoulder top. I found one in H&M for surprisingly affordable price. The minute this blouse was added to my closet, it has been shown a lot of love since then. I often find myself pairing this piece with high waisted trousers or shorts among some sort of jacket just in case it gets a little chilly outside. 

Have you been loving this trend recently? 

Top : H&M
Trousers : ZARA
Jacket : Trifted (PUMA)

3 komentarai

  1. Karolina, this outfit is hot. I love the off shoulder trend and I often wear my favorite off the shoulder shirt. What is the netting under the shirt? Is a part of the shirt or a under shirt type of thing?

    1. Oh no, I'm just wearing my fishnet tights.:)

  2. I find this outfit really aesthetic ! Chic with a touch of rock and roll, perfect !