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Hello my Dears!

Have you ever heard of a brand called AVON? If you haven't and you want to try out some affordable and fabulous products then you may want to read this post from head to toe. 

Well, since I have heard about AVON before, let me tell you that I absolutely adore this brand! They have some truly great and non-expensive products in their book. Speaking of book, this months AVON catalogue in Lithuania is out now : MARCH.  
( For all my foreign readers, check out the international site : AVON.COM )

Here are some of my favourite products from this months catalogue!

I have been meaning to get a new fragrance for spring and this new line from EVE (in partnership with Eva Mendes) have the loveliest floral&sweet scents.  They have two scents : EVE ALLURING and this one EVE CONFIDENCE. If you can't decide which one to get, they even have a bottle that includes both of them! 
Now I'm not usually a fan of sweet&floral scents in fragrances, but I do admire this one. Is it sweet?Yes, but nothing too over the top. 

I already own the AVON Planet Spa deeply restoring body moisturiser with Maroccan Argan oil that I got for Christmas and I love it very much. But this firming body cream with Colombian coffee extract also has a truly lovely scent.  

At the moment I'm really into facial oils so this one from AVON True NutraEffects is really amazing. Smells nice, moisturisers my face very well and has a simple yet aesthetically pleasing packaging.
This Rhassoul clay face mask with Maroccan Argan oil from AVON Planet Spa also looks great and interesting. I still haven't had the chance to try this one out, but I'll let you know if this makes to my favourites list!

Recently, I have also been into eye creams, so this lifting and firming eye&eyelid gel from AVON Anew perfectly fits into my bathroom shelf. 

Now let's talk about the HOT NEW PRODUCT! The True Ultra Volume lash magnifying mascara is probably my favourite one that I own so far actually. The brush itself is not the smallest one, but I do like it, because it grabs every single lash and lengthens them.

Along with the mascara, this plumping lip gloss from AVON Mark. in pink pout is one of my favourites this month! It also has a minty scent which I absolutely adore.
If you're searching for a good and pigmented small eyeshadow palette with a lot of shades to choose from, check out these ones from AVON True. I already own the ones in Au Naturale and Smoky Plums and here I have Mocha Latte. 

These matte lipsticks from AVON True Colour are also amazing! They're truly pigmented, the colour selection is amazing, they're don't feel dry on the lips and they glide on super smoothly.

That's it! Now I'm not sure, that the same items go for the international AVON store, but the ones that are mentioned in this post are definitely available in Lithuania. 
If you are reading this from other countries and you can't find the products from this post on avon.com then don't worry, you can still find some great deals and other amazing products on there!

The March catalogue (03 01 - 03 21) is already out so check it out and maybe you'll find something else you like besides my mentioned items HERE.

All the Love in the World and Happy International Women's Month!
Let me know how did you celebrate your day ladies!

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  1. Love a good eye cream - would you recommend theirs? That mask looks absolutely gorgeous, too! Love the packaging.