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Hello my dears!

Since the colder weather is here, it's time to pull out all our coats, thicker jackets, scarfs and gloves to keep ourselves warm yet still fashionable for this upcoming winter season. For this post I put my fashion taste into four outfit choices for him and her. So grab your partner and take a look at these outfits so you two could be the "Stylish Couple".


It's an outfit choice for someone who likes to be comfortable in their clothes to the maximum amount with no 'up in their face' kind of accessories. 
For HER I chose a simple black wool coat paired with dark brown turtleneck and wide black pants. The pieces that will make the outfit a bit more interesting are the black ankle booties with a slight heel and the beret, that seems to be the hot accessory right now. To keep the hands warm, I picked brown leather gloves to finish up the look.
For HIM I went with brown coat to compliment the female. Together I added a black turtle neck, to keep the high neck style going on, and some skinny fit black trousers. For shoes I just chose the classic Timberland style black boots. Do add a manly charm, and to stick with the browns, I found this Nixon watch that tied the outfit together. 


Now these outfits are for people who like to stand out and wear other colours from the palette besides black.
For HER I chose a white wool coat and, yes, I know that it's not practical and that the coat will turn to grey in no time, but if you don't go out in the rain or if you put the coat on for more special occasions that you should be good. The black version would look just as great, but I felt that a bright colour would draw everyone's attention. Underneath, I picked the military green turtleneck that's a bit cropped. And to change up the lower body clothes, I went with a black leather skirt. With this outfit, the black ankle booties with a heel makes the outfit even more chic. For the accessories, I chose a backpack to turn down the fanciness a bit, but added it back with red velvet gloves and a rich perfume such as Jasmin Rouge by Tom Ford
For HIM I stepped back from coats and chose this warm military tone jacket to keep the green theme going on and underneath I picked the white knit jumper to initially go with the white female coat, but if you switch the white to black one, then I would probably to the same to the jumper. To make the outfit a big edgy I went for classic knee ripped black jeans and topped it all of with simple leather boots. To add some fun, I picked these red sunnies and black gloves for some warmth. 


And if you're looking for some good quality male clothing pieces maybe for a present or a lovely gift, I recommend stopping by BONOBOS website. They have it all, from t-shirts to jackets and from loungewear to formal clothing. 

All the Love!

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  1. Ooh I love that green coat with the fur on the color. Some of my favorite colors are featured here. Definitely some nice styles.

  2. As the weather is getting colder, I think we should stay warm with the right outfits! I am loving the forest green and the brown.

  3. Matching things together as a couple is really a neat idea. We don't do it but I would love to if we had somewhere to be going.

  4. Great outfits! I really like that white wool coat.

  5. So many amazing styles! I need to check out what else BONOBOS has! Need to pick up a few items for my hubby!

  6. Winters are so lovely! I loved this collection! I wished it was cold here in Mumbai, just so that I could wear jackets! :D

  7. Winters looks a great season but sadly i cant experience winter because there is no winter season in our place.

  8. Nice sets!