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Hello my Loves!

So I was browsing the internet one day and I came across a video called "What's in my bag?". After watching that short yet interesting video I remembered how much I adored these little tags and posts on such topic.
It's no wonder that I had to take my camera and shake everything out of my backpack, place it in a somehow eligible layout and shoot some pictures!

There's no secret that a gal has to have a little makeup bag with her whenever she's out the door. I carry this comfortable and beautiful one that my aunt got from Turkey. Or was it Greece? Ehh, I can not remember. 
On the top of my list among the makeup bag is, of course, my phone and a life saviour of mine - earphones.

These sunglasses are a new must have thing for me. The only thing that annoys me about any pair of them is the fact that it leaves marks and ruins my nose contour whenever I wear sunglasses. If someone has a great way on how to avoid that, please, fill me in. P.S. - the sunnies are from BERSHKA.

Just recently I started carrying a small notebook with me. I never though I would be the kind of person to actually use notebook, but yet, here I am with pieces of paper and a pen in my bag.

No need to talk about essentials such as a set of keys and a wallet. I bought that fluffy black thingy in a small store on an avenue in a resort, but any store has them in stock now. 


Hello there!

I've always fancied pictures in which bloggers share their most fabulous things that they can not live with out. These my-so-loved posts are called 'essentials''. It's just something aesthetic about photos of beautiful lipsticks or shining highlighters on a paper of a magazine that always caught my eye in a matter of second. On this post I've decided to share some of mine 'most fabulous things that I can not live with out'.

My most adored piece of all time has got to be this brown leather jacket from ZARA. Ever since the day that I bought it, I've been wearing it non stop. It's just so gorgeous and it makes every outfit that I put on look a billion times better. Not to mention that it looks vintage because of its unique texture and in favour to that, it looks expensive and extremely fancy from my point of view. 
If you'd like to see on how I styled it, click HERE. 

Some of my makeup essentials are also here. One of them is the REVOLUTION Vivid Baked Highlighter in a colour Golden Lights. By this time you have probably seen a lot of beauty gurus rave about these beautiful things. These products are not expensive at all, I believe it cost me about 5€ and they're unbelievably blinding on the face. No need to tell that you need these highlighters in you makeup collection ASAP!

Another makeup essential is the INGLOT blush in a shade 50. Now, I was never a huge blusher fan, but recently I started diving into something new, so I tried on an old blush that I had and I really liked it. On my next trip to the drugstore I picked up this gorgeous shade of coral pink and it became the thing that I can not live without. 
Speaking of diving into something new, I recently became obsessed about this L'Oréal Color Riche Matte lipstick in a shade 634 Greige Perfecto. I was always using only lip pencils as a main lip color, but I persuaded myself into adding this little guy into my makeup collection and I do not regret a single cent.