Teikia „Blogger“.


Good afternoon my loves!

It's no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and,  no no, I did not come here today to lecture you about the food role for your stomach in the morning. I came here today to say on how breakfast is important for your self-esteem and your soul's well being. 

Personally, I like to spend my mornings all by myself. The lazy me gets out of bed at mid day when I don't have no plans on my agenda, later on I go into the kitchen to make something delicious for my stomach. Since the breakfast is my time, I like to work on something some kind of healthy and sweet meal. That usually involves some yogurt with nuts, seeds and coconut shavings. The second important part for the start of the day is my lovely cup of coffee. Two tea spoons of coffee and two tea spoons of sugar, I like it balanced okay? 

After I've done all the work in the kitchen, then it's time to curl up on my bed or sit comfortably in a big chair and enjoy the charming breakfast. In the background I put on my all time favourite tv show which is Sex and the City and if not, there will always be a fashion magazine beside me while I'm having the time of my day. 

I feel like not only me, but other people in general enjoy breakfast more than let's say lunch or dinner. Yes, I enjoy dinner as well, but breakfast is something that starts my day, not only because of the food and coffee, but because it helps me to get myself in the mood for the rest of the day...


Hello my lovely readers!

I'm back with a strong and confident outfit look for you all ladies out there who love to spice up their day with over sized jackets, fishnet tights or some jewelry pieces.  The clothing details will be linked down below. 

What I would love to say is that I adore women who stand out of the crowd with trendy outfits and who are not afraid of being out there with confidence. Female generation seems to have the world in their hands these days and, as a female myself, I'm truly proud of that. Even though, people still find the time to shame women in makeup or fashion choices.. It doesn't feel right in any way so all you should do is let it go for once and enjoy the bright day without spreading negativity in someone else's air. 

Jacket : Thrifted 
Crop top : ZARA (couldn't find the same, but here's similar from H&M)
Pants : ZARA
Fishnet tights and other accessories : Aliexpress