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Room details

Hello Dears,

I bet that everyone of us has a quiet place for thinking and relaxing. For some of you it may be the kitchen, or the balcony, or the living room. Well, for me, it's the bedroom. Yeah sure, there are places in my apartment where I feel comfortable as well, but my room has a special place in my heart. The decorations and the whole atmosphere makes me feel comfortable in a way that I could never express with words. 

The special places are important for us, people, who feel the urge to relax and take time on ourselves every once in a while. I'm that kind of person who can not imagine a week without some self time, like for example reading a book or listening to my favorite music. If you want to know how I like to spend time on myself, here's a blog post about it : IN THE ZONE

A peek into my life

Good afternoon, Loves! 

It has been a while since I uploaded a post about my personal life so here I decided, once again, to share and show you some pictures of the things that I did throughout these past two months. 

February 19th // While having the time of our lives in Vilnius, we found a nice little cafeteria, who made the best cakes and latte. 
February 16th // This is actually a pic from when me and my friend were on our way to Vilnius. Being two amazing gals who like to enjoy our lives, we packed our bags, got on a train and while watching movies such as "The devil wears Prada" and "Death becomes her" , we travelled to the capital. 

February 17th // While being in Vilnius, we had to go to the Contemporary Art Centre to see what's up. I have to be honest here, I do not normally understand contemporary art, but these exhibitions were kind of interesting to look at and to read their descriptions. 

 February 25th // A picture of me and my friend getting ready to shoot some outfit pics that never made in to my blog, but you can see some results of this fotoshoot up on my Instagram. 
March 25th // While waiting for Vaiva to get ready, me being myself, I took some selfies out of boredom. After that we went out and had a nice dinner for just the two of us.
April 1st // It's no secret that me and my friend like to spend most of our time together at cafes drinking lattes and cappuccinos while reading books there and discussing life at all its glory.
April 9th // Together with my mom, I went to the theatre to see a play called "Juoda dežutė" (Black box) by Pavel Priažko. It was an interesting and deep show to experience. I liked the whole scenography and the way how actors carried away their emotions throughout the entire play.