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The leather jacket

Hello my Loves!

After a long time with no outfit post I'm finally back with one. Since it's getting more and more warmer everyday, I hope that I'll be able to shoot some amazing outfit pictures and share them with you. 
The other day I was taking a look in Zara for some new clothing pieces for my spring wardrobe and my eye immediately caught the brown leather jacket and my heart was just "Buy that, Karolina, buy that honey what are you waiting for" and that's exactly what I did. Knowing me, this brown piece might replace my black leather jacket but, hell, I love it so much!

Brown leather jacket : ZARA
Black shirt with longer back detail : ZARA (Couldn't find one there, but I'm sure other stores has similar shirts)
Black jeans that I ripped myself : ZARA  
Black booties : ZARA (bought them last season so I couldn't find them)
All of my accesxories were from Aliexpress.

The afternoon tea

Happy Sunday my darlings,

Don't you just love those laid back weekend afternoons where you have absolutely nothing to worry about? Especially after a long and hard week, I believe I'm not the only one who takes a book in my hand and takes time to just sit there, enjoy every page of a new book from the library. Suddenly, you start to feel like the girl from a perfect picture: your hair is up in a messy bun, you have a pair of glasses on and a book in your hands while it's raining outside. Later on, you put the book away, stand up, go and look outside the window. No thinking. Just staring at the window while the rain drops fall heavily. It's the kind of weather that locks you up in the house without any intention of going out and socialising with the world. 

Lately, I've been enjoying my company more than I was before. It's that time of my life where I can be on my own without feeling lonely and unwanted. A lot of people these days seem to be afraid of the word "loneliness" and it's starting to get sad. They will do anything in their power not to be alone. They'll go out and be with a bunch of random people they don't know or they'll meet up with the fake friends, you know, the kind that remembers you only on your good days. It almost sounds as if they're running from someone. They are running from themselves.

We should all embrace the self-being afternoons or any other time of the day and really start taking the time on ourselves for a moment without being called selfish..

Current faves

Hello, my Dears!
It has been a while since I've shared some of my most loved products so that's what I've thought of doing this Sunday. Leave your favourite things in the comment section, so I could read them all. I'd love to know what you have been laying your heart over recently. 

Another faves post and I have another perfume to share with you all. This is the Yves Saint Laurent fragrance called Opium and this is the kind of scent that takes my breath away. It so spicy and sexy and oh my God. If you love strong scents, you will probably fall for this one.

Now if I started talking about smelling good, it's not a secret that a gal loves herself a marvelous scent of body lotion. So I was browsing the AVON catalog the other day and this Warm Spice Vanilla body lotion caught my eye. Besides smelling amazing and leaving my skin soft as a pillow, it also has shimmer in it, which I adore. If you're not a fan of shimmering body creams, you may not enjoy this because afterwards my skin does glow beautifully. 

Now name me one that doesn't love blinding highlighters at the moment. Although, these are not actually a highlighters, they are the INGLOT single eyeshadows and these bad boys do know how to glow on the cheeks. The number 07 is the bronze gold looking like one and it looks great even on pale skin. The other one is number 46 and it is rosy coloured, but when the light hits it, it's almost looks holographic and wer, it just looks blinding. I took some shots with a flash on my phone but the camera doesn't really show what's going on on my hand, but believe me, these are the best highlighters that I own. 

Another discovery of mine is this Catrice "The Precious Copper" eyeshadow palette in the colour 010Metllux. For 10€, these colours are actually really pigmented and shimmering. These ones look even more gorgeous if you wet your brush and then put in on the lid. One little thing that I do not like about these is the fact that they are really powdery, but besides that, I truly do enjoy this palette. Sadly, they do not have the names for every shade, so in the flash shots I named my favourite ones with the letters x, z, o and y. The packaging can kind of look cheap, though, the inside is glorious. That is why they say "Do not judge the books by it's cover".

Friday mood

Hello my Loves!
It's been a long and busy week for me, after which came the weekend of two lazy days. For a long time in a while I did not fancied any huge parties or night outs and it doesn't feel like me. I always tend to be active and go out with my girls and have a few drinks, but for some reason, today is not the day. 
Yesterday I had a really calm and beautiful evening with myself, a glass of wine and a movie called "Midnight in Paris". The film, as the city of romance and art, was truly glorious. It really brought the memories back to when I travelled to France. Sadly, at that time I was only a child of 12 years old and really didn't pay attention to the whole atmosphere of Paris. I only cared about the Eiffel Tower and Disney Land as any kid at this age would. Oh, if only I could just pack a suitcase, get on a plane and leave for that place of inspiration and love...