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Good evening, Dears!
After a long weekend, throughout which Fashion Week occurred in London, I'm back to the long week, greeting you with a new post. 
Speaking of LFW, probably my favourite thing about it is the street style, the way how people express themselves in crazy outfits that you don't really get to see on everyday bases. I scrolled through Instagram and some internet pages that were full of street style from the recent event and I gathered some pics that looked amazing. All of these young women, rocking crazy colours and statement pieces together with no fashion stereotypes. Each and every one of these females look different and unique in their own glorious way. Don't you just love how fashion can make someones individuality just shine through?

In the zone

Good afternoon, my Loves!
Do you ever feel like you need to just toss everything aside and be with yourself for a few hours or even a whole day? I constantly have these moments where my soul wants to relax and step into a zone. Speaking of the zone, today I created a post showing the ways on how I help myself to stay calm and motivated, since in these days people, myself included, forget to spend time on regenerating their minds...

1. Reading.  Taking a book or a fashion magazine in my hand and taking time to read really calms my nerves, locks me away from the uproar. Everyone knows how books can open up ones mind and free the imagination, so why not allow yourself to fill the head with ideas from magazines or with a story from your favourite book.

2. Drawing.  Taking a peace of paper, a pencil ant sketching faces or bodies is another thing that drives me away from the world. It's no secret that drawing empties the mind from stress, worries or any other negative things, leaving clean canvas with inspiration flowing from the inside of an individual. Unless of course, you decide to release the pain on a blank paper. 

3. Hot shower. Stepping into a bath or shower is everyone's favourite thing to do. Letting the water drops fall on your body and cleaning not only you, but your mind as well, really locks you away from any problems. Having an amazing smelling shower gel, makes you focus more on the scent than on any negative feelings that you may have. Choosing a calming scent, does that even more, that's why for showers I tend to reach for perfume that relaxes my nerves. Not so long ago I tried the range of Moringa smell from The Body Shop and it quickly became my new favourite scent to use in the shower and after it. 

4. Escaping. Something that a lot of people underestimate is driving to the beach or taking a walk in a park all by yourself. I tend to do that once in a while, so I can think about positive or negative situations that I might have at that specific moment. A lot of people are afraid of being alone and think that walking all by themselves on the beach looks lonely and miserable, but it really does not. It allows you to change the surroundings, run away from everyday noise and be with your mind for as long as you need. If you want company, take you dog for a walk around the neighborhood doing the same exact thing, you may be amazed on how escaping helps to get to know you mind.

My dad's jacket

Hello my dears!
 I have a question for you : have you ever went to your parent's wardrobe to search for some cool and unique pieces? My answer is definitely yes! If you opened up my closet, you'd be able to see loads of my mom's blouses or my dad's t-shirts that I sleep in, because it's extra large. So, one day I did a little search spree in their wardrobe and I came across this huge, leather jacket. It immediately caught my eye and I had to take it off the rack and put it on. Once I put it on, I felt so edgy and somehow safe, knowing that it smells exactly like men perfume, the one that a strong and confident man, like my dad, wears. And then all of these outfit looks started spinning in my head and I called my friend and said "Hey, would you like to shoot a few of my outfit posts?". Without a doubt she said yes, and now you can see the results!