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What i've been up to

 January 20th // On a nice and peaceful friday night, me and my friend went for warm cup of green tea at this fancy looking place in Klaipėda old town.
January 7th // What's better that having a sleepover with one of your best friends when you both curl up in a bed, full of blankets and snacks, watching movies?

January 15th // Don't you just love when in winter times, snowflakes are falling easily, the roads and the trees are all white and heavy, outside it's nicely cold and you're holding a warm cup of tea while taking a walk with your family on the beach..
December 29th // I do not blame myself for having too much wine while having a marvelous evening with my girlfriends discussing life and all it's problems. 

December 31st // What I was doing on the New Years eve? Well together with a few of my friends we all had a nice celebration until the clock stroke 12AM and our peacful evening turned into dancing and karaoke parties with too much champagne.
 December 26th // After having a dinner at my grandmother's, me and my family decided to go out to the city square and take a look on how it was decorated for the holiday season. There was no doubt that out city was incredible with all of these fairy lights and little Christmas town.
January 14th // One of my favourite bands, called Colours Of Bubbles, were playing in my town so yes, of course, I had to buy a ticket and go listen to them. The concert was amazing, the crowd was friendly and the songs were just my perfect cup of tea. 

January 26th // Took a photo of a book page from How to be Parisian wherever you are by Sophia Mas, Audrey Diwan, Anne Berest and Caroline de Maigret, that caught my eye. Let me translate:

 * She says hello to everyone, but wants to talk to no one.
* She eats four-chesse pizza, but puts Stevia in her coffee.
* She buys very expensive shoes, but never polishes them.
* She behaves insufferably and in flabbergasted when she gets dumped.
* She goes to great lenghts for pedicure, but wears mismatched underwear.
 * She smokes like a chimney on the way to the countryside to get some fresh air.

* She drinks vodka in the evening and green tea in the morning.
* She doesn't believe in God, but prays whenever she's in trouble.
*She an environmentalist, but sometimes takes a scooter to buy a baguette.
* She's a feminist, but watches porn.
* She's capable of moving mountains, but is in constant need for reassurance,
* She's aware that her flaws mess with her life, But changing is too much work.

The nude coat

Coat : ZARA (did not found the exact coat, but here's something similar)
Jumper : Aliexpress
Dress : Pull&Bear
Sunglasses : Beshka (similar ones)

Glorious things I've been using

Good evening! And here I am, after a long week of school, sharing with you some of my favorite things that I've been loving for the past few months.

This little thing here, I adore the most from all of those that I am about to show you. I got this for myself as a Christmas present, since I've been dreaming 'bout this palette from the day that I saw it on a REVOLUTION stand in a drugstore. Officially, it's called Ultra Contour Palette. It has three contour shades, three blinding highlighters and two powders that are perfect for setting or accentuating the high tops of your face. Long story short, I love it and truthfully recommend it for you all make up fanatics out there. 

Another make up favorite of mine is this L'Oreal LUMI Magique concealer and I'm in the shade LIGHT 1. I absolutely love this little helper for highlighting under my eyes, the bridge of the nose, cupid's bow, chin and forehead. It conceals and brightens everything at the same time. There is a very similar one from L'Oreal as well, but I prefer this one 'couse it illuminates my skin better. 

I've been also loving this 24hr Color Tattoo in the shade Crème De Rose from Maybelline. It's such a neutral color with a touch of light pink in it, perfect for everyday use or for something natural on the eyes with black sharp wing (that's exactly what I'm using this for). 

So, for a really long time I've been hearing all of these good reviews on this TEA TREE skin clearing facial wash from The Body Shop, and I finally decided to try it out myself and see if it was worth the price. And it is 100% worth it. It does exactly what a face wash is supposed to do, except it does it all better, and it has a marvelous mint scent. No need to tell, that after using this on my face, the skin feels clean and soft. 

A Christmas present from my cousin is this RITUALS The Ritual of Dao calming shower oil. Now I am not really the shower oil gal, but this one turns into a silky soft foam once it's on the skin. Other shower oils just stays that way, and probably that's why I wasn't reaching for them in the stores. I'm terrible and describing scents, but on the back it says that there's a fragrance of  White Lotus and Yi Yi Ren, which is a Chinese herb.

And last, but not least, I have an amazing fragrance. You have presumably seen it a thousand times on commercials and in the stores, but yes, this is GIORGIO ARMANI Si. There is no point for me to describe the scent 'couse you have probably smelled it, and describing perfume is just impossible and pointless. All that you have to know, besides that I love, is that you should definitely go and smell it youselves if you haven't, and then you'll get what I'm talking about.

All over again

Hello my loves!

First of all, Happy 2017, even tho the first week of this year I've spent in bed watching movies and tv shows. I know there has been a lack of uploads for the past few months, but I wasn‘t in my happy and inspirational phase since summer. I did not know what I wanted from life, I was focusing on the wrong things. But as they say : New Year – New Beginnings. So, I guess this is my excuse to start everything all over again. I‘m gonna think of some new and interesting post to write and publish for you all out there, and I also want to just open up a blank note and lay out my thoughts and be more down to earth with my feelings and experiences.

Leaving everything at this point, I‘m saying have a nice and productive week at school, college or at work, and I‘ll see you with my upcoming post. 

See you soon, Karolina.